Things he do that I love

He tells me I’m the most beautiful girl in the room.
He ask for my real address since he thinks e-mails are way too impersonal.
He takes out the trash without me even ask him to.
He does things he usually wouldn’t, like hanging out almost every day.
He makes me feel really special every day.
He makes me feel safe wherever we might be or what ever we might do.
He looks at me with the most wonderful, beautiful, loving, deep eyes.
He sneaks up behind me and hold me and kiss my neck.
He likes to be close to me.
He calls me when he’s to tired to hang out and talks about my day.
He listens to me when I talk.
He knows when there’s something bothering me.
He saves me from my own toughts.
He makes me believe in the goodness of people.
He believs in me as I believes in him.
He has the most creative, clever and intelligent mind.
He makes me feel things I haven’t felt in years.
He gives me hope….

So why do I have to leave him..?