Maybe the biggest reason I love the U.S…




…late night shopping at Walmart. (and dates)

After my dinner date (which was awesome of course, another reason I’m really enjoying the U.S.) me and Ida felt a bit restless so we borrowed a car and went to Walmart for some late night shopping. Ida was craving some nougat so that’s why we went.. Ofc did we come out with alot of stuff, but no nougat. I did however buy alot of candy that I’m gonna ship home.

Did some christmas shopping as well, two flowers and a mistletoe. Muahahaha I’m gonna stand under that mistletoe all the time whenever he’s over! 😉

We’re gonna go to the comic book store on Wednesday, so looking forward to it! So geeky <3

Yeah I just realized I wrote this entry on English.. Well my Swedish readers – DEAL

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