I've got a solution to my mistletoe problem.

One of mine absolute favorite Christmas traditions that is not from Sweden has to be the mistletoe.

What I like about it is of course that if a girl and a boy is standing under the mistletoe at the same time they have to kiss, but a fact likte this made it even more interesting: ”In cultures across pre-Christian Europe, mistletoe was seen as a representation of divine male essence (and thus romance, fertility and vitality), possibly due to a resemblance between the berries and semen” (wikipedia). I did also learn that the kissing tradition might be from Scandinavia which I find kind of cool since I did not even know it growed there.

Here is my problem.. I have never seen a mistletoe growing free in Sweden so I really doubt that they are any. Making it difficult for me to maintain this amazing tradition. I have also discovered that the mistletoe branch kind of goes bad fast and looses its charm.

But I think I have found a solution to this. I was thinking about getting an artificial mistletoe, but have not found any that I like. But today I figured it out! Why do it has to be a mistletoe? Why not use something that is a lot easier to get hold of in Sweden, and happens to hold up even if it would be hanged upside down in the ceiling.

And that my friens is the…


Just imagine a few of these branches tied together with a red ribbon and hanged upside down. I’m not sure if the berries will fall of, but it does not matter. It is going to be something green with a ribbon tied around it, hanged in strategical places to spread love!

My house, my traditions right?

But yeah, you’re welcome to copy me, but it was here it all started 😉