Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered what happens if a person hears that he/she is a disappointment too often? That he/she is useless?
What might happen is that this person might take on a behavior that tells the world to go screw itself. He/she might loose the will to make things right, to try to be good. Because why should you when you’re useless.
And if this happens with a recent disappointment in his/hers life it might even come with a lack of will to care. He/she might shut down completely and disappear, turn off the sound on her phone and only do what she absolutely have to.

Cheers to that.


Upp som en sol

Och ner som en misslyckad pannkaka.

Jahapp, det verkar vara det.

Med facit i hand så konstaterar jag än en gång att det där smset ska man inte skicka. Även om innehållet var oskyldigt så ger det dem överhanden om dom inte svarar. Därför tänker jag nu till fullo sluta skicka det där smset.

Ska bli spännande och se hur det här spelar ut sig.